smoothing treatment

The formulations of this revolutionary treatment are made with natural proteins and essential oils.

The protein penetrates to the cortex of the hair, while the essential fatty oils wrap and protect it from the damaging elements of everyday life that our hair endures.

The revolutionary patented formulas contain six types of amino acids. The amino acids penetrate the hair strands and smooth them, transforming the memory of the internal hair texture, providing hair rich in keratin.

It is a non-toxic treatment without carcinogenic agents that will leave your hair without frizz, shiny and healthy.

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A unique treatment

It can be applied to any type of hair including processed and chemically treated.

Our treatment is designed to preserve your health and that of your hair.

It is completely safe for use by pregnant and lactating people.

You can review the ingredients with your doctor at the following link:

A personalized treatment


The first step is to make a diagnosis of the hair taking into account the needs and the result that the client wants to achieve. We can offer different solutions according to hair type, lifestyle and look; ranging from natural straightening, eliminate frizz, relax texture, repair and heal or create multiple formulas for different areas of the hair. Subsequently, the mixture is made and the treatment is applied.


We let the product penetrate using our particular infrared lamp, the time varies and will also depend on what we want to achieve. At the end of the rest time, the product is washed completely, to later dry and iron it with specialized tools. After sealing it, it is washed again to apply the last protein that will reinforce your treatment, guaranteeing that it is a complete success.


With our treatment there is no waiting time, you can wash your hair, swim or do any activity after applying it.

Step 1

We will make a diagnosis of your hair taking into account your needs and the result you want to obtain.

Step 2

Let's mix! We will prepare the personalized formula or formulas based on your diagnosis.

Step 3

We will apply your personalized treatment.

Step 4

We will let the treatment penetrate using our infrared lamp.

step 5

We will wash your hair to completely remove the product.

Step 6

We will dry and iron with specialized tools to seal the treatment.

step 8

Clever! You will be able to see the final result, we are sure that you will love it!

How should you prepare your hair for your first date?

Wash your hair only with shampoo. Do not use conditioner, styling cream, or oils. Allow to dry in the open air. Unravel beforehand. 

Calculate your time! Depending on your personalized treatment, it will be the application time that we will need, approximately between 2 and 3 hours.

Do you dye your hair?
The ideal is to do it two weeks after applying the treatment. This will not affect the result or the duration of your treatment.

Our protein smoothing treatment VS conventional keratin treatments

Follow us and discover more about our treatment!

How does our protein treatment work?

The presence of amino acids in our treatment will create hair rich in keratin making it soft, strong, shiny and healthy, which improves the condition of the hair with prolonged use. Keratin protein is only a small part of the 18 amino acids that make up the actual structure of hair. Cysteine, a non-essential amino acid, is the active ingredient that allows our treatment to leave hair strong, shiny and smooth.

How does a conventional keratin treatment work?

In order for the keratin in a keratin treatment to adhere to the hair and make it soft, it needs some form of formaldehyde. When this active ingredient/preservative is combined with the high heat of the iron, a chemical reaction is formed and toxic carcinogenic fumes are released. This reaction also causes hair breakage with prolonged use.

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Results from the first session

Thanks to this solution we are helping women who want to recover their hair from previously exposed processes, making them look healthy, beautiful and strong, which translates into greater security in their lives. 

The treatment lasts for 6 months, however, during your visit to MoldeaStudio we will give you the recommendations that will help you maximize the duration of your treatment for up to a year.