testimonio moldea studio

I had never done anything to my hair, until I met MoldeaStudio, it really changed my life. I feel much more confident, my hair looks super healthy and styled, I would do it a thousand times more. 

Linda and Luisa explained everything to me in detail and they are the most professional, I recommend it with my eyes closed.

Sandra Ruenes
Makeup Artist

fer borja moldea studio testimonial

After using anti hair loss treatments, my hair felt more dry and damaged than ever. 

I did the MoldeaStudio treatment and wow! How my hair turned out!!!! It feels much softer, manageable and shiny. It doesn't tangle like it used to. After I shower I just brush it and let it air dry and I love how it settles!!

I am happy, I feel that it is what my hair needed.

I loved!

In addition to all the experience with Linda wow, she is the best and taught me many things that I did not know about how to take care of my hair and what products to use. 

I highly recommend it!

Fer Borja
Health Coach

moldestudio nuria diosado

Before the treatment, my problem was that I couldn't leave my hair down because of frizz. I have medium curly hair and after washing it, when it air dries it becomes very fluffy and I don't like it. Now I can wear it loose and both my curls appeared and the frizz disappeared.

My fear was that when I lost the frizz, I would lose the wavy and it was the opposite, the most beautiful and manageable curls returned.

Nuria Diosdado
Olympic Artistic Swimming Athlete

testimonio cabello moldea studio

I was happy with the result of the treatment! I was always afraid of doing something to my hair, but MoldeaStudio inspired me a lot of trust and I believed in them.

It has been two weeks since my procedure and I have noticed impressive changes since day one. 

In addition to the great service of Linda and Luisa! 100% recommend.

Macarena Saavedra
Makeup Artist

Fernanda testimonial moldea studio

My name is Fernanda, I have always had issues with my hair. The truth is that I NEVER liked how I looked, only when I went to the salon. I tried everything; shampoos, hair creams, treatments, EVERYTHING.

Until I went to MoldeaStudio, I began to like my hair. I loved it because it didn't transform into something it wasn't, the treatment respected my curls making it look spectacular, hydrated and with the perfect volume.

Fernanda Valenzuela
Image Consultant

Testimonial moldeastudio

I loved the treatment! I can get out of the shower and blow-dry my hair without having to worry about frizz.

Its been 2 months since the application and my hair is as if it was the first day, super hydrated and manageable.

It really exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with the results.

Polly Zermeno

testimonio moldea

There are things that I am obsessed with and hair is one of them. I found MoldeaStudio and my hair turned out amazing and now for the first time I feel the genuine honesty from the stylists when it comes to taking care of my hair. 

I am super happy with the results and I feel great now that I am no longer stressing about my hair.

Makes me feel happy!

Ana Estrada

testimonio stylist moldeastudio

I loved this treatment, I am always looking for non toxic and chemical free products. 

I had already done keratin and chocolate treatments when I was younger and it was horrible, my hair felt dry and without movement.

I loved it because the results are very natural! Very silky, nourished and full of life. I loved and will definitely become a frequent customer.

Fery Agredano
Food Stylist | Wellness

Ana Gofe testimonial moldea studio

I went to MoldeaStudio because I was on a diet for many months and when I lost a lot of weight they warned me that my hair was going to fall out…. And the truth is it fell more than I imagined 😢 especially in the shower and when I brushed it; besides that my hair was without volume, thinned and lifeless. 

At MoldeaStudio they gave me a treatment to "Heal and Repair" my hair... and I can honestly tell you that it was a success.

It's been almost a month since I had the treatment and my hair feels delicious, alive, its shines and and above all it already falls out MUCH less than it did before! I continue with my diet , I continue to lose weight, my hair feels super soft, with body, much more volume and super resistant.

Thank you MoldeaStudio, I highly recommend it! In addition to treating you like a princess!

Ana Gofe
Makeup Artist

testimonial moldea studio

I loved my hair. Understanding that it was hurting him and how to take care of him was the most beautiful thing about arriving in Moldea. There they explained to me what really helped me and the changes have been spectacular! I even grew a lot of hair in just a month, when it took me literally years.

I have it shiny, beautiful, and super manageable.

I definitely won't let anyone else touch my hair ever again!

sofia geymonat
Sustainable Consultant

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