At MoldeaStudio we evaluate together what you want and what your hair needs.

Custom made

According to your evaluation, one or multiple formulas will be developed, in order to unify textures to achieve the ideal treatment for you.

Long-term plan

Our treatment has an extent of 6 months. During your visit we will give you the recommendations and points to care at home so that you maximize its duration up to 1 year.

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Thanks to our studies in trichology we can advise you to use only products that meet the specific needs of your scalp

— Linda CEO & Founder

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After using anti hair loss treatments, my hair felt more dry and damaged than ever.
I did MoldeaStudio treatment and wow, how my hair turned out!!!! It feels much softer, manageable and shiny. It doesn't tangle as much as it used to. After I shower I just brush it and let it air dry and I love how it settles!! I am happy, I feel that this is what my hair needed. I loved it! In addition to all the experience with Linda wow, she is the best, she taught me many things that I did not know about how to take care of my hair and what products to use. I highly recommend it!

Fer Borja

Health Coach
I had never done anything to my hair, until I met MoldeaStudio, it really changed my life. I feel much more confident, my hair looks super healthy and styled, I would do it a thousand times more. Linda and Luisa explained everything to me in detail and they are the most professional, I would recommend it with my eyes closed.

Sandra Ruenes

Makeup Artist
nuria tratamiento moldeastudio
Before the treatment, my problem was that I couldn't have my hair down because of frizz. I have slightly curly hair and after washing it, when it dries it becomes very fluffy and I didn't like how it looked.
Now I can wear it down, my curls are defined and the frizz is gone. My fear was that if I lost the frizz, I would lose the waves and it was the opposite, the most beautiful and manageable curls appeared.

Nuria Diosdado

Olympic Artistic Swimming Athlete