We are happy to be able to help women of all ages to start the process of healthy hair without exposing themselves to harmful treatments, guiding them along with the right information so that they can decide for themselves which are the products with the most beneficial ingredients, according to their scalp and hair type. All this with the intention that they can have and show off the healthiest hair of their lives.

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In MoldeaStudio we review together with the client what they need and what they want to achieve, in such a way that the formula that is made is personalized, that is, no formula is the same as another, since each person has different goals that they want to achieve for themselves. her hair.

With the intention of not carrying out formalin-based treatments, which have been prohibited in Europe for more than 6 years and more recently in the USA; We decided to bring to Mexico this revolutionary non-toxic and carcinogenic agent-free treatment that contains 6 types of amino acids and essential oils, that leaves your hair frizz-free, shiny and healthy.

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During your visit to MoldeaStudio we will ask you to bring all the products you use on your hair; so that we will review your daily haircare routine and the ingredients of your products.
We will give you a detailed explanation of what you should check in the list of ingredients before buying any product, so that you can choose the products that are really beneficial for you.
We will also check that your habits are ideal for the health of your scalp and hair.

We focus on healthy habits for your hair, so during your visit, we will share a series of recommendations that fit your lifestyle. We firmly believe that having magnificent hair is a fundamental part of how we develop ourselves in our day to day.